Copies R Us

In February 2012, E-focus purchased the digital printing and copy service in Burgundy St Heidelberg called Copies R Us. As a social enterprise, the purpose of Copies R Us is to create transitional employment opportunities for E-focus service users – including clients from our Disability Employment Services (DES) and training services. As a subset to Copies R Us, E-focus also operates a digital scanning service called E-scan. Copies R Us has provided permanent employment for six people over the past 18 months, while E-scan has provided three casual and five permanent part-time positions. A strong focus of E-focus’ social enterprise is ‘on the job’ and accredited training. For example, one Copies R Us trainee has completed a Certificate IV in Interactive Digital Media and another trainee is currently completing a Certificate III in Information Digital Media and Technology.

The establishment of Copies R Us marks an important development in E-focus’ activities as we develop more innovative ways to assist people from all backgrounds into employment. Copies R Us is dependent on sales activity to meet all operational and overhead costs, so enquiries are welcome from community organisations and the general public on 03 9458 1900.

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