Employability Skills Training (EST) aims to assist young people between the ages of 15 and 24, become job ready by providing targeted pre-employment training. The program gives young people in the North Eastern region the opportunity to improve their work readiness through training, hoping to better their expectations of the recruitment process and their experience as a new employee in the workplace.

Funded under Youth Jobs PaTH, this program aims to help young people gain the employability skills and work experience needed to find and retain employment. The course will help further a young person’s understanding of an employer’s expectations and is also designed to provide participants with a direct link to trades and vocational courses, work placement, access to employers and internship assistance, and accredited vocational training modules.

Our EST team are determined to design a program that is unlike any other traditional ‘job search training’ course. The vision is to create an experience that makes a true impact in the lives of young people, as well as aligning the course with our organisational mission. Through EST we aim to provide an opportunity that is interactive, vocationally applicable and one that offers cutting edge industry information.

Without this course, I probably wouldn’t have found work as quickly as I would have thought. Simone helped me out so much and changed my life! Please continue to help people find work because it really made a difference for me. I hope many more young people can be guided by your knowledge of how to properly structure resumes.

Brandon, Employment Skills Training (EST) participant