Apprenticeships Matter is an Apprenticeship Network Provider contracted by the Australian Government to deliver free Apprenticeship support services. It’s also a consortium of three well-established, community-based organisations, with extensive experience in delivering employment and training services – E-focus, JobCo and Youth Projects.

Since its inception in 2003, Apprenticeships Matter has provided over 130,000 apprentices and trainees the opportunity to develop their skills and find their place in the workforce. They are also committed to assisting employers in up-skilling the workforce and thereby contributing to all Australians having the necessary skills and qualifications to meet the future demands of our economy.

Apprenticeships Matter Recruitment

The team at Apprenticeships Matter offer free gateway services that assist with getting people into apprenticeships and traineeships, whilst also helping employers find quality staff. We work with jobseekers to find a career pathway that right for you; employers with advertising vacancies and shortlisting; and with career advisors and schools to promote a better understanding of VET pathways to students and guardians.

Apprenticeships Matter for Women

Apprenticeships Matter for Women is dedicated to promoting a better understanding of opportunities for women in trades.

We recognise that women are significantly underrepresented in trades and face many barriers when considering undertaking an apprenticeship or traineeship. Some of these barriers include gender bias, limited education and pathways related to trades, and limited formalised support structure.

With so many opportunities available in a variety of industries, we hope to increase the number of women commencing an apprenticeship, particularly those in non-traditional roles.


Apprenticeships Matter has locations all across Victoria. With offices all throughout the state we are best able to promote and advise on Australian Apprenticeship pathways to the wider community and industry as a whole.

For more information on apprenticeships and traineeships, visit the Apprenticeships Matter website.