E-focus’ employment division aims to help the wider community into sustainable employment. Through our various programs not only do we help you find suitable work, we support you throughout the the entirety of your employment. We offer a variety of employment services to cater to our whole community. From Disability Employment Services (DES) to Apprenticeships and Traineeships, we have you covered.

Disability Employment Services

The Disability Employment Service (DES) is for job seekers with permanent disability and with an assessed need for more long-term, regular support in the workplace.

We work within our community to help individuals find long term, sustainable employment, one that best matches their skills and interests.

Apprenticeships Matter

Apprenticeships Matter provides a streamlined service for employers and individuals to access Australian Apprenticeship opportunities and information. They work with and support apprentices and trainees by helping them find opportunities to develop their skills, and also work with employers to upskill their workforce.

Jobs Victoria  

Jobs Victoria works with employers and disadvantaged jobseekers to provide each with individualized and tailored support. Jobs Victoria works with businesses by assisting them with the recruitment process and providing advice on eligible incentives. We also help jobseekers find suitable employment and mentor them throughout the entire process. 

Employability Skills Training

Employability Skills Training (EST) works to better support young people who are struggling to attain employment. Through specialised training we work with participants to provide them with the skills they need to enter the workforce.