The West Heidelberg Community Hub provides the people of Heidelberg West with a space where they can connect with new people, access information, train new skills, get help finding work and access computers, the internet and IT support. It offers a space that’s safe, welcoming, respectful and diverse, supported by dedicated volunteers and staff who actively want to enrich the lives of the people of West Heidelberg.

The West Heidelberg Community Hub is a meeting space for the people of Heidelberg West where community members and social groups can host meetings or activities. It has also become a base for nearby agencies, which allows The Hub to deliver training, support services and job assistance to many community members.

The range of programs The Hub currently hosts and offers includes:

  • Intel Easy Steps – Through the Intel Easy Steps program you can learn essential computer skills and how to use common programs so that you’re able to effectively navigate the digital world.
  • GetReadyForWork (GR4W) – The GR4W program can help prepare you with the skills you need to find work, perform well in a job interview and get the job you want.
  • IT Hub – Through the long running IT Hub program you’re given access to computers, the internet and the IT support of dedicated volunteers.
  • The Patch (Gardening Club) – The Patch provides an opportunity for you to hone your gardening skills, meet new people, contribute to a shared community resource and maybe even pick up some produce.
  • Sewing Club – At the Sewing Club you can find a group of like-minded people where you can come together to exchange tips, meet new people and improve your craft

Please note that the West Heidelberg Community Hub is always aiming to add new programs and host events for the West Heidelberg community, so please feel free to check in regularly or follow us on social media so you can keep track of our offerings and see if we’re hosting anything that appeals to you.

If you’re interested in our current programs or want to find out more about The Hub or any of its programs, please call us at (03) 9248 8000 or fill out the form below and we’ll contact you with an answer to your questions shortly.