Himilo Community Connect is a community led project that exists to improve education, employment, health and social cohesion outcomes for the Australian-Somali community of West Heidelberg.

Conceived through a rigorous co-design process, Himilo Community Connect is underpinned by social cohesion themes of belonging, social justice, participation acceptance and worth. Our work is supported by a wide range of partner organisations and services that share our vision and enable us to deliver a range of programs and initiatives that empowers the Australian-Somali community to thrive and succeed.

Himilo Community Connect partners with a wide range of organisations, institutions and services to increase participation, build capacity, create valuable connections and open opportunities for success in education, employment health and social cohesion from within the Somali Australian community in and around the Heidelberg West area.

Some of the programs we offer include:

  • West Heidelberg Community Hub – Play Group 
  • Himilo Homework Club 
  • Himilo Schools 
  • Himilo Women’s Health and Wellbeing 
  • Himilo Active
  • Himilo Job Club
  • Himilo Leadership
  • Himilo Mental Health and Wellbeing

Himilo is auspiced under E-focus and we have the privilege to continue to support the team as they empower the community.

For more information on these programs or how to get involved, visit www.himilo.org.au