Our community programs focus on supporting and empowering the most disadvantaged members of our community to participate meaningfully in society, as well as economically. We work at a grassroots level to train, upskill and empower people, and to build resilience in our community. Through our various programs we are able to provide the community of Heidelberg West with the skills and knowledge they need to excel.

Himilo Community Connect

Himilo Community Connect is a community led project that exists to improve education, employment, health and social cohesion outcomes for the Australian-Somali community of West Heidelberg. Through its various partnerships, Himilo is able to connect and empower its community through education and employment.

The West Heidelberg Community Hub

The West Heidelberg Community Hub (WHCH) aims to provide residents of the Heidelberg West area with a space that is safe, welcoming, respectful and diverse. It offers a localised service which connects the Heidelberg West community through training programs, employment pathways, internet access and referral support, aiming to enrich their day to day lives.


ParentsNext assists eligible parents to plan and prepare for employment by the time their children go to school. We work with parents to help them set work and study goals, develop a pathway to achieve these goals and also link them to local services within the community.